Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How to Fold an Origami Butterfly

Origami doesn’t have to be difficult and with just a little bit of practice, your kids will be experts in no time. Every piece of origami, from a simple flower to a complex dragon, is created in the same way – with just a few folds in the right places.

Origami is a great craft for children of all ages to enjoy. There is no glue, scissors or small pieces involved, which makes it perfect for even the littlest little ones to have a go. Because you only need one piece of card per project, origami is also one of the cheapest craft projects out there and is great to keep kids amused on a journey without the worry of losing pieces of leaving parts behind.

These simple origami butterflies can be used in loads of different ways – use them instead of ribbons to decorate presents, hang them from the ceiling for a pretty summer decoration or simply hand them out as cheap yet thoughtful homemade gifts.

Origami Butterfly Directions

1 square piece of thin colored card or paper
Cut out a square from a piece of colored card or paper – the bigger the piece, the easier the folds are to make. 4”x4” is a good size for a small butterfly, 6”x6” for a medium butterfly and 10”x10” for a large butterfly. These sizes are just guides – any square piece will work. Don’t go any smaller than 3”x3”, or you’ll really struggle to make the folds.
Fold the square in half horizontally then unfold. Fold the square in half vertically then unfold.
Turn the square over and fold along one of the diagonals then unfold. Fold along the other diagonal then unfold.

Holding two opposite sides, push the centers together until they meet in the middle of the square. Flatten the sides above and below so you’re left with a flat triangle with several layers.
Take the bottom corners of the top layer triangle and fold them to meet at the top corner.
Turn the card over and fold the top of the triangle backwards over the bottom edge, so the tip sticks out a little bit. Make sure you don’t flatten the raised edges in the process – these will form part of the butterfly’s wings and make it look more real.
Tuck the tip that sticks out over the side and turn the card over. Fold in half and you’re done.