Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Origami Heart Bookmark making

The origami heart bookmark in this tutorial is made from a single sheet of square origami paper. I advise using paper that is either 6 inches x 6 inches or 4 inches x 4 inches, depending upon how bigger you would like your complete bookmark to be. In my view , a concrete colored paper or a paper with a delicate pattern looks best for this work . Bold patterns detract from the simplicity of the heart shape.

1. Create an "X" Crease Pattern

To begin making your origami heart bookmark, start with the patterned side of your paper face down. (If your paper is a solid color on both sides, you don't need to worry about what side is face down.) Fold your paper along one of the diagonals to make a triangle shape. Crease well, then unfold. Fold in half along the opposite diagonal. Crease well, then unfold. When you're finished, your paper should have an "X" crease pattern in the middle.

2. Fold the Paper in Half Horizontally

Flip your paper over so the patterned side is facing up. Fold it in half horizontally. The crease you make should go across the intersection of the "X" crease pattern you created in the previous step.

3. Fold the Bottom to the Middle of the Paper

Open your paper up. Fold the bottom up to the middle crease as indicated in the photo to the left.

4. Collapse the Paper to Create a Triangle

Unfold the paper. Push in gently on the horizontal creases to collapse the paper into a triangle like the one shown in the photo to the left. This collapsed triangle form is known as a balloon base. It is used to create many different origami projects, including a basic origami butterfly.

5. Start Forming Your Origami Heart

With the crease you made in Step 3 facing you, lift the top layer of the triangle upward. Flatten as shown in the photo to the left. This will eventually become the heart embellishment on your origami bookmark.

6. Fold Down

Flip your paper over. Fold the top triangle flap down. Fold the top horizontal edge down so it meets the crease you created by folding down the triangle flap.


Flip your paper over and bring the triangle flap from step xx back up. Congratulations! Your origami bookmark is complete!

If desired, you can decorate the origami heart bookmark with stickers or write a message on it. If you use stickers, I suggest putting a large sticker over the part where the two sides of the heart join together to prevent the reader from accidentally unfolding the bookmark. You may also want use a glue stick to glue the top of the heart to the triangle base.

Origami heart bookmarks are fun to make throughout the year, but would be especially cute as a handmade Valentine's Day treat. Origami heart lollipop covers are another fun idea for making homemade Valentine's Day gifts for friends and family.